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Artificial Intelligence Pros and Cons

Artificial Intelligence is known as the intelligence of machines where it is programmed to create machines that can think like people and as the technology is advancing with time, experts and scientists are thinking to introduce a character into these machines. So, it involves a program doing something that people would rely on machines. With […]

Is Artificial Intellgience Possible?

“Artificial Intelligence has been brain-dead since the 1970s.” This rather ostentatious remark made by Marvin Minsky co-founder of the world-famous MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, was referring to the fact that researchers have been primarily concerned on small facets of machine intelligence as opposed to looking at the problem as a whole. This article examines the […]

The Scope of Artificial Intelligence in Web Development Explored

The Artificial Intelligence market will expectedly be worth $153 billion in the near future. We are talking about digital revolution here. We are talking about path breaking technological ideas and implementation here. It is going to redefine the way in which humans are going to interact with machines. Artificial Intelligence in Web Development: Is it […]