Top Tech Companies in the World

Well, it is important that technology companies are the most valuable in the world.  With the use of smartphones and laptops becoming necessary tools for work, school and social planning, firms like Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet are the most worth companies. From the 4 quarter of the year 2017 through the end of 1st quarter 2018, no new companies have not made it into the top 10 list.  Overall, the companies have valued at a total of roughly $ 5.7 trillion.  Below are the top tech companies in the world.


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Microsoft is a member of the trillion-dollar club as the technology company by moving up in the market rankings to steal top spot. Bill Gates founded the firm’s change the fortunes which can be attributed to a change of focus at the company. The company started software called Azure cloud computing service.


This firm is the top tech companies in the world and where the company was founded by Steve Jobs. The apple company will make its own hardware and software which has millions of loyal followers and a blockbuster product, the iPhone where the people have lined up around to pay $800 to $1,000 annually. Even they have other products like iPads, Macs, Apple watches and services like Apple Pay and iTunes.


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Alphabet is the parent company of Google where it handles all google’s side projects such as life extension company Calico, innovative technology developer Google’s X, high-speed internet provider fiber, and Google’s smart home project Nest. So, Alphabet is the owner of google venture, which invests in startups and Google capital by investing in long-term projects.


With a monthly average of 2.27 billion active users, Facebook has grown at an exponential well since February 2004 and aims to grow through acquisitions. Even these have included Instagram and WhatsApp.

There are few other companies that have grown at a good rate since the company establishment. However, the above firms are the companies where they have maintained their position by innovating new technologies and investing in startups. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about top tech companies in the world. Thanks for reading!

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