Top Technology Speakers in India

Technology is changing the world as all we know it, and businesses across sectors want to know how to embrace the digital world where the experts are inventing new things like big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. These technology keynote speakers will provide insight, foresight and technical know-how for leaders and their teams for harness the most complex advances in every field. So, speakers will be focusing on emerging topics of cloud computing. Social media, communication platforms, IT, Knowledge networks, medical technology. Below are the top technology speakers in India.

Saket Modi

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Saket Modi is the ethical hacker and the co-founder and CEO of Lucideus. Saket’s began hacking in school during a run-up to one of his exams. So, he discovered the art of hacking into secure computer systems and at the age of 21, he decided to set up a Lucideus a cybersecurity company. Lucideus is a complete cybersecurity solutions provider that enables the clients to secure their web-based resources. Even they organize ethical hacking and web security-based workshops and seminars.

Shalu jhunjhunwala

Shalu is the head of industry for Auto at Google India where she is responsible for helping the Auto Industry to use the full power of digital, data and technology. She has taken the automotive industry to new age which would be driven by technology, data and digital. So, she has worked with many organizations like HP, Microsoft and now Google. Also, she is one of the few women leaders in the auto who is passionate about driving more diversity across the industry.

Pradeep Chopra

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Pradeep has been part of the internet industry since 2000. He is the co-founder and CEO of digital vidya and has been personally trained and advised over 15000 professionals that include CEOs across Asia by helping them to meet their business objectives using Digital Marketing. So, he is one of the most sought-after speakers in digital marketing and his speaking assignments that include ad-tech, search engine strategies.

The above members have been successful by inventing new things with the use of technology and able to talk about their inventions in the Conference. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about top technology speakers in India. Thanks for reading!

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